Easy hairstyles for curly hair with an adjustable switch to choose the level of heat you prefer.

Mostly the curling wands will be coming with an adjustable switch to choose the level of heat you prefer. There will be three different levels high, medium and low. You can choose the temperature level as you wish and as per the strength of your hair. First, you have to brush your hair to remove the tangles and break up in the hair. To prevent your hair from damage, you must use heat protection spray. Use hair clips to pin you hair where you don’t want to have curls.

Heat the curling wand to get the correct temperature. And put a glove on your hand before you start the process. The glove will prevent your hand from the over heat. Then pick a section of hair and wrap it on the wand and wait for few minutes and remove the wand to get the curl.


When styling your curly or wavy hair, you’ll want to use a comb or a stake. It is a good idea to make a brush because your hair curly. To create loose curls, you can rub your hair as it dries or use a large hot roller. For tighter curls, you can wrap your hair around a pencil and dry it with a diffuser, you can use a small hot roll, or you can use a small curling drum. Finish your style using the straight loop that improves and defines the products and / or lacquer.

If you are frustrated by using some materials using curling iron with some related clamp, you can try to get curly hair by using the curling wand. You can get a curling wand to make your dream come true. The curling wands will be different from each other they will not be in the same size. It will be based on how much curls you want. The size of the curling wand will define the output of your curly hair. If you want to have small curls, you can choose curling wands which are in 1 inch or smaller. Big curls can be brought by the curling hand which is more than 1 inch. To prevent your hair, you must choose the proper material by which the curling wand is made of. Curling wand which is made of ceramic and tourmaline are the best materials to protect your hair and those materials will be in the best quality.

The next step on setting curly hair is selecting the heat preferences. Almost all the wands will have a switch or dial that let the users to adjust the level of heat. Users have to set the temperature from high, medium to low as per their needs. They must keep in mind that high heat can damage their hair. Before you start on using the wand to curl your hair get ready your hair prepared for it. Brush the hair for removing break up strands and any tangles. Then apply heat protection spray throughout the hair using a brush to prevent hair damage. Then use big hair clips for pinning the hair at the top in sections. It is best to work in three sections from the back bottom to the top. Then brush out the hair and ensure all fly away hair strands are gathered Easy hairstyles for curly hair.



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