Short and curved hairstyles can be considered for any shape of face

short curly haircuts  and curved hairstyles can be considered for any shape of face. Cut naturally curly hair along the earring and style with capillary foam. Accessorize with hair clips and head bands to spread the hair out of the face. For hair that is not naturally curled, use curling lotion and curling rods to get curls. Saturate the freshly washed hair with the lotion adjusting before rolling the hair into 1-inch sections. Sit under a hooded dryer until the hair is completely dried. Unwind hair and style with your fingers. You can make sure that the hair forms the face in a mass of wild curls or move hair away from the forehead with hair clips.

Curly hair styles are popular in recent years, especially short short cuts, a lot of short short short celebrities and wavy. If you are looking for new short hairstyle short hairstyle ideas, here are some photos for which you can choose.

The best short and short haircuts are bathrobes that have enough room to play. As curly hair tends to deteriorate when it dries, you should ask your hairdresser to cut the hair down an average length, keeping in mind that it would be much shorter as it dries and you finish To dress it. You would want a layered haircut that unfolds according to the amount of curl present in your hair and the shape of your face. Check out this short gallery of curly hairstyles to find your favorite cuts, if you like it, why not love it on facebook and share it on Pinterest?


When you are trying to find the right hairstyle, it is a combination of many factors, including the natural texture of your hair and your face shape. The shape of the round face is about the same length as the width. It has mild facial features, including a rounded jaw and soft cheekbones. This tends to lead to a more youthful appearance and it is difficult to emphasize the facial features. A round face can also make you heavier.

For these reasons, it is important to find   short curly haircuts  that works with these features rather than against them. You want to add length without adding width and accent your eyes and chin without your cheeks wider. Here are our favorite hairstyle ideas for black women with a round face shape.

Short bobs are generally not a good choice for a round face as they add width and highlight the round and soft characteristics that make you younger. However, they are not out of bounds. A short asymmetric bob where one side is directly over the ear and then style with loops is a perfect option. It only adds a bit of width to one side of your face, but the loops and the shorter length will add so much length that everything balances without a problem.


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